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Positive Patch = Server is liquid smooth

It's so smooth now compared to before, I had to turn down my settings for aiming. wow. This is what its supposed to be like????? Amazingly better for me. No lag at all on Kashyyyk. Totally different map. Crait also. Wow.


  • Nevermind. It lasted for one day. ONE DAY. Now its all bad lag again.

    Oh and my favorite lag moment this week: I could see the guys arm move, but saw nothing. Then I blew up in the hallway. No proximity alert, no visual cue that a grenade had been thrown. But we were the only two in the hallway and he got the kill on my death. Thanks Lag!
  • you had to brag didnt you? lol more lag for you! Im honestly beginning to think lag is just part of the game controlling people from doing better. everytime i have a good streak I get lag and killed. sucks alot and especially when you get a special class. total **** in my book!
  • I cant even maintain a connection for a full match.
  • I'm curious if anyone has been so frustrated they upgarded from 25 mbps, to 50 or something like that with their isp and actually saw BF2 lag drop away. I'd love to see that, but it absolutely should not matter.
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