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No Match for a Good Blaster

So DICE, could you at least give an ETA for the FIXES (not the next patch)?

Getting very tired to be honest. This new patch was supposed to fix problems but it ended up only introducing so many new ones, while leaving some existing ones still unfixed. Just to name a few: weapon cooling mods broken, DC15 explosive mod changes, SCS not acting the way it is described in the patch notes, specialist thermal binoculars still working only half the time, Palps lightning still going through walls sometimes (experienced it myself), no stolen credit refunds, repeated empty lobbies when connecting to certain servers.

Do we have to wait until the next patch ie another 5 weeks for the above to be fixed? Or is an interim hotfix incoming, and if so, when?

I still believe that you're still passionate about ensuring the longevity of your own product, and the microtransaction fiasco didn't deflate any of that passion. Though your decision to leave Palps broken for 5 weeks and then try to cover that up by saying that it was a design intent (that didn't turn out well) is just nauseating.


  • You do realize it wont make it come any faster. Be patient young padawan.
  • Of course, that's why it's a question, and not a demand.

    Reading comprehension, future of this country (dang).
  • Please FFS buff the Specialist health to match the other classes! What a design flaw to give the class a measly 100 health so they get killed in one shot by every weapon in the game yet have firepower that takes 2-3 shots at best to beat an opponent. How did this pass Quality Control?
  • I would like to have my weapon cooling mods that I spent hours to unlock. I really do.
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