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Strange new twist on invisible body glitch

I was playing blast on Hoth as the empire when I got the dreaded invisible body glitch, where both your character and opponents are invisible. I decided to stick it out to try to get a bit of time on my daily challenge to play a special unit. Everything went as expected, of course I died often, but thanks to some lucky grenades and barrages (in retrospect I should have just used the officer but I did the think about it untill just now) I scrapped up 2k battle points.

I choose to spawn in as a jet trooper, because since I can't see anybody I figure I have a better chance of living longer with two lives than one. Oddly, once I spawned in as a jet trooper not only was I and were my opponents still invisible, but now additionally I couldn't move, or shoot, or use an ability. I could only switch shoulders on my invisible man.

I wondered if other people could see me, or if my game had just frozen, but a few seconds later a Wookiee ran up and shot me in the face a point blank range and killed me.

So, being the glutton for punishment that I apparently am, I though to myself, surely this was an odd one off but, and spawned back in as a jet trooper. Spoiler alert! It was not. I still couldn't move, or shoot, or do anything except switch shoulders on my invisible man.

I'm not even joking when I say ten seconds later a Wookiee ran up and beat me to death. I'm not sure it was the same guy, but I feel like it was. If it wasn't so funny when it happened I probably would have been fairly perturbed.

Anybody else seen this particular variety of the bug yet, with invisible people and no control but only on special units?
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