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What is this 'ping bar' of which you all speak?

I hear all of you complaining about the 'ping bar' in the top right . . . I've got nothing there.

Is it something that only pops up when your latency sucks?
Most of my games are pretty smooth now (With the exception of Kashyyk and Theed....) but I never see any gauge or warning...

PC User / Australia

Call it FOMO, but .... should I see it?
I wonder what other magical goodies from the patch I missed out on :pensive:



  • It's a message that pops up when you have high ping connection with a server, but it's very badly worded, saying something like "your internet connection is slow", along with a connection strength bars icon.

    I'm a PS4 player in Australia and I've only seen it once, immediately after installing 1.2, when I assume there weren't many local players available and I was put into a distant region server. The message just stayed in the top right corner the whole map. I've not seen it since.
  • If you don't have it it means you have the full 4 bars aka near perfect connection to the server. It only shows up maybe 1 in 15 solo games for me and I leave those ones instantly. Lately though I have been having a problem. Me and my friends que for a game, find one with good connection and play and win for a round or two vs the EXACT same enemies. Around the third round in changes servers with the SAME people and all of us not from Oregon lag. The guys in Oregon have fine connection to all 3 NA servers and the rest of us get poor connection to Oregon.So my question is why does it not stay to only the Ohio or Virginia servers?It always warrants a leave for me.
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  • I've only seen it a few times myself, but I think it used to happen anyway, it just showed a message instead of a message and the bars. It is a bummer for people who get into laggy lobbies all the time to be reminded constantly that they have lag, just in case they forgot I guess, or couldn't tell by the way their game looks like a stop motion movie missing every third frame.
  • My Mbps has gone to averaging 40 from 180.
    This server patch seems to have made gameplay lag worse.
    I'm now getting the three bars notice a lot .
  • It totally sucks. I live in south america and all the freaking time I have to deal with this notification issue. It wasn´t there before but here it is all the time.

    Is like Battlefield 1 all over again. I just unistalled that game because of the annoying warning symbols.

    Internet speed 40mb

    PC user

    470 4GB
    DD4 16GB
    Intel i5 7500

  • I saw that on screen once, right after the game updated to version 1.2. It was showing 3 out of 4 bars. I didn't notice anything different about that match though.
    I think it's Dice's way of saying, "it's not our servers, it's your connection."
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