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Really looking forward to...

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edited February 2018
I'm really looking forward to the next big bug update. The last one (4-5 days ago) was great fun because it broke most gun cooldown attachments and made heroes absolutely useless against the DC15LE. Maybe next time the devs could invert all weapon damage capabilities so that any gun that takes time and patience to obtain becomes progressively more useless over time and the easy to get ones can one shot anything and everything, like, you know, just to liven things up more. I also want to see more critical gameplay bug fixes delayed for weeks or even months and a total ban on the very idea of hotfixes (or maybe there already is? I dunno) should a big new bug be introduced.

The current pre-release patch evaluation and testing procedures seem to be working well and introduce new and unexpected bugs everytime so absolutely no need to change anything there.

What bugs are you looking forward to?
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