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New Hero Hunt/Order 66 game mode

I have an idea for a new game mode that hopefully will be considered and added by the developers. As you know, many people have been asking for a order 66 mode. Furthermore, many people want to see the return of Hero Hunt. I thought about it and figured out how to combine the two ideas. The gamemode would be called order 66, where there is one Jedi is faced against his or her squadron of clone troopers. That way, it would ba a single Jedi against a squadron of clones. this combines the ideas of hero hunt and order 66. To save some time for the developers, I already found the maps and abilities.

Maps: Kashyyk, Naboo, Jedi Temple (new map), all clone wars maps

Abilities: all clones can pick their class, however, all classes are balanced, so there is no level 20 and level 3. Jedi hero obviously gets their abilities.

Issues: here are a couple of issues I thought about, hopefully the devs will find a way to fix this!
- Which heroes would be available: I thought about this and at first thought it would be smarter to only allow Luke, Yoda, Rey, and all lightsabers Jedis, but now I am starting to think that they could make a special "Jedi" hero that would only be available in Hero Hunt.

Let me know in the comments below what you think!
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