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July Community Calendar
Obi-Wan Kenobi Community Quests

Suggested Improvements

Respawn - BF1 Partner spawn would be great, 10 Second respawn in Strike needs urgent review.

Cargo / Droid Run - Classic Modes, fun, urgently need to return.

Air based objectives that complement the ground based elements in GA. That way, pilots have something effective to do, along with / other than strafe infantry.

Dengar - I miss him.... And pancake face

BF1 Season - Return of the best maps / modes / heroes (Bespin maps, Jabbas Garage, Scarif) - Do not do a lame Solo Season. The game needs to deliver content we want, not the Disney agenda. The film could bomb, do not hitch your wagon to it.

Clone Wars Season - Mace, Grevious, Kenobi, Jango, Coruscant, Genosis, enough said.

Different Skins - Clone, empire trooper variants and different aliens for the rebels.

Forget emotes and poses - we want more guns (DT-29 / A280C), grenades, healing droids, attack droids....fourth ability.... or second gun. Grenades that could slow a team, stims that could enhance speed.

Team Balancing - More consistency needed

Specialist - Needs extra 25 hp minimum, just to minimise the exposure to one shot kills.

Aiming Reticule - I feel some of the Heavy Class guns need a better aiming reticule.

HvsV - Stunning of characters needs altering. Frustrating not being able to fight back due to a hit from a lightsaber...on top of the freeze/stun abilities.
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