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August Community Calendar

Darkside freeze vs Lightside push

This is one of the key factors lending to the imbalance. In HvV it is undeniable. Push is worthless garbage meant for passive nancy bois while freeze elevates the user to alpha status.

Virtually every ds hero has a freeze or stun. Two ls heroes have stun? This combined with the mobility of the ds and it's not hard to see why there is such an imbalance in the force here...


  • Add a stun effect to Lukes repulse..keep damage as is..modify the repulse damage increase star card to increase the stun effect instead..this would help light side/luke a ton
  • I totally agree. They really need to give the ls some edge here. yoda's jump height sucks, really limits him
  • I agree..lightside gets beat alot if darkside stick together and coordinate s there freezing and stunning effects
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