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Detailed Reinforcement Concepts



  • Spiito
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    edited March 2018
    I'd like to see some Blade&Ranged rogue type classes. But the timelines/details are a little concerning.

    Separatists (?)
    Quarzite Kage
    Health: Low
    Weapon: Dual Electro swords
    Right Ability: Smoke bombs-While in smoke Kage warriors become 20% see through Upgrade for longevity (optionally explosive bombs-A small cluster of tiny explosives is dropped and can be activated manually or explode after ##Sec )
    Middle Ability: Sword throw- The electro blade is tossed a short distance ahead and if it makes contact with the enemy the blade sinks in and remains for a few seconds as electricity stuns them in place. The sword is pulled back via dura-wire/cable. (I dunno I'm kind of making this up, I imagine they'd have their hilts attached to wire like old school samurai or something.)
    Left Ability: Ghost/Shadow walk-(Maxed out)Become 30% see through while movement is slowed (50% invisibility when combined with smoke) / Optional swap: Swift step move faster at the cost vulnerability Take %## Damage (Upgrade for longevity of effect) -Both do not hide you from the radar while attacking and Night vision weapon mods can see you.
    Melee: flip/spin kick
    Rebel alliance (I chose this era because we may see a dathomirian Zabrak skin for here, so why not.)

    Dathomirian Nightsister
    Health: Low
    Weapon: Energy Bow (/plasma based) (+Magic shot-like explosive ammo only pink and swirly)
    Right Ability: Closing Distance- Switches to singular shortsword mode. (option one: Poisoned blade does continuous Meager## damage to to the effected target for ##Sec even after you died after hitting them... Option two: Sharpened blade Consecutive hits made within ##time do ##extra damage. )
    Middle Ability: Triple arrows (Fire more than one arrow, does area of effect/scatter targeting kind of like Lando's Sharp shot ability.) Alternative card, Rapid fire (You shoot faster for ##sec)
    Left Ability: Concealment magic- invisibility at the cost of movability for each stealth kill the longevity of this ability increases. Optionally, Make use of dead-fresh corpses explode, area of effect damage. (?)
    Melee: Standard Melee

    Idk. :(
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