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Value for money...

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So I bought the game in December for £32. I have since played 130 hours (work, family, life, so inconvenient sometimes).

So that’s 24p an hour. For my £32 i’m still getting updates, still using the game and broadly, pretty happy.
Even with no further updates, it would have been - for me - excellent value for money.

At the same time, i bought something else that’s cost £180. I used that for 4 hours and haven’t touched it since - and its getting no updates, no changes etc. I’m okay with that too.

It wasn’t so long ago I spent nearer £50 on games - and they had no patches, no updates - what you got in the box was it. Granted, I can still play them 20 years on - which won’t be the case with this one but still.

I for one would be happy to pay an appropriate further amount (£5 - £20 depending on the scale) for further gameplay additions - it’s the way just about everything else in life works. I don’t expect the coffee shop to give me free refills, nor the cinema to give me more movies. Why do we expect this from the computer game industry for games costing so little in comparable terms?

To me, EA’s mistake (ongoing) wasn’t the concept of paying more, subscriptions or the intent to keep people together - its been the execution, justification, poor stakeholder management and expectation setting.

Anyone else broadly happy with the value for money they’ve got from the game?


  • NomiSunstrider
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    Yeah I got it for 35 eu 25 th December playing it for 350 hours so far I'm enjoying it. Great value for money but the thing is I would not have bought it probably if the progression remained unchanged from the beta with microtransactions tied to progression(I made a mistake like that when I bought nba 2k18 that game is hardcore pay to win). Set that aside the game overall is great it has great visuals and great gameplay. It's a true starwars game. I'm looking forward to how the devs will evolve this game with new content and balance fixes. Overall yeah good value for money.
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  • I think the people that are upset feel like the game was not released "fully baked". Also the length of time it has taken to fix glaring issues and introduction of new issues that are obvious (Palp through walls, heat and cooling attachments).

    I personally have spent a lot of time playing the game and really enjoy it. Have even recommended it to friends. I got it for free for Christmas, but bought the deluxe edition add-on from the PS Store to ease the grind a bit.
  • Dash
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    I spent $72.99 Origin Access Discount for Deluxe before the game launched and while I tested the game prior to launch in each wave of testing. Basically I Pre-Ordered the moment it became available to do so.

    I am satisfied and look forward to more content. :blush:
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