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I bought this game for a friend who has never seen Star Wars. What advice should I give him?



  • acc751
    861 posts Member
    tell him to uninstall the game :trollface:
    Many of the arguments we have about this game would not exist if this was a single player focused game like it should have been since day 1.
  • Billkwando
    2017 posts Member
    There are still people in this world who haven't experienced Star Wars?

    On a serious note:
    I never understood why people hate on the prequels... Yea, I'll admit that Episode 1 is too slow and boring for me (Jar Jar needs to find a nice tall building in Theed and jump off it) but I actually really liked Episode 2 and 3, even more so than Episode 4 tbh. They get so much hate and I genuinely don't see the reasoning why.

    I actually don't know how the game would feel to someone who hasn't watched Star Wars... I guess they wouldn't be as bothered with broken canon and stuff so that's a plus. But gameplay-wise... I can honestly say I've played better games, even older games are better in some ways. DICE can't get their head around the idea of making a Star Wars game with lots of content and balanced gameplay. I really have no idea why I haven't sold it yet... perhaps I need to know the end of Versio's story, or maybe deep down I'm a masochist who loves to play a game that presses so many of his buttons it could solve a 15 digit passcode in less than a second.

    He'll either like it, or hate it. Either way just roll with it. And since you bought him the game, be a decent human being and pay for the therapy he'll need when he experiences the sniper spam and OP Leia on Crait.

    The first prequel movie...... did I mention bad kid actor and pod racing/announcers?

    He likes the game, a lot. We played again last night and he did really well. Before we started playing, I had him go into his cards, and I explained how the levels work, and about upgrading and crafting costs (and about how you don't really "level up" your characters, the number is just the sum of their cards, which is confusing to MANY people).

    We did Strike this time. He had a really hard time understanding how the objective works, but he eventually got it. He almost got a triple kill immediately upon his first spawn too.

    I even got him to play 3 rounds of Starfighter Assault, which really surprised me, considering he's watched my SA videos I shared on Xbox Live, and said they made his brain hurt. I gingerly suggested trying it, and he was all for it.

    He's never played a flying game before, to my knowledge. He was super confused, didn't understand about the triangles and arrows, didn't understand how to use his specials, had no cards, didn't know how to dodge torpedoes (I explained that and it caught, I think?).

    I didn't want to overwhelm him explaining everything at once, so it was about 15 minutes in (after I mentioned it a 2nd time) that he figured out how to speed up and slow down. I don't know how new people get into this game. LOL

    That said, with no specials or even gas/brake he managed to get at least 10 eliminations in his first round, and the 2 rounds after.

    After 3 rounds, he was done with the whole game for the night. :D Said it made him tired and gave him a headache. He knows how much I love SA.....he's such a good kid.......he was quick to say, "Don't worry, I definitely wanna try it again. I just wanna make sure I'm fully awake and not tired next time cos ****". LOL

    He thanked me again for getting it for him, and assured me that he wants to try all the modes and see everything. I reminded him again that HvV is 3rd person, which he said he hated, but he said that was no problem.

    I reminded him to spend his credits, and had him read out which cards he got. I'm trying to encourage him to lv up his thermal detonator (since I didn't buy him the fancy pants edition......he can suffer like I did, when a friend bought the game for me! LOL)

    After that, we called it a night.....but I know that the game has now "caught" with him. I had a feeling before, but this time he just straight out told me that he's down to play the poo out of it, which is exactly what I was hoping for.

    He's so hilariously Rambo at these shooter games, and he doesn't even know it. He used to play Siege with his sensitivity super high, and I've seen him "shoot in 2 different directions at the same time" (that's what I jokingly call it). He had a dude on both sides, spun left, shot one, then did a 180 and headshotted the other, in a split second. I wouldn't have believed it if he hadn't seen it.

    He was getting so bored and angry at Siege, because his team always sucks (me included) and he gets tired of "carrying" everybody, the game sucks, other team sucks, etc. I had to keep explaining to him that the game doesn't suck, and his team doesn't suck that bad......he's just so phenomenally talented and quick that there's no challenge (and since you only spawn once in Siege, a lot of the time he was the last man standing, and would have to kill the other team by himself).

    When I first got him the game, I was telling him how he's going to CRUSH and how many/most SW fans are casual gamers, and he replies, "Oh yeah, I bet a lot of them are old, like you, too!" *burrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnnnn* (He knows I'm in my 40's and he's 17, so my hand-eye coordination is nowhere in the same league as his). I don't even get mad, cos he's joked about it before. I just replied, "Yes! EXACTLY! You're gonna crush!"

    Good times. LOL
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