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My biggest worry about the future of this game.

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Hello :),

As a player with anywhere between 500-700 hours into the game (pls giv stats dice, pls) I have noticed something quite disturbing. As much as I love the game despite all the hate, there is a crucial element of the game that is lackluster at best that I believe the community should examine closely. And that element is....


Now I realize that emotes take away from this element a bit, but I am genuinely concerned of the lack of teabagging in this game. It seems as if players are starting to forget the thrill and pure bliss of dangling your cojones over a defeated players face as they have no choice but to lie there while you do so. The magic and unbridled glee of watching that same player come back to grudge kill you, only to get roflstomped and a front row seat to your family jewels blowing in the wind.

The amount of joy and laughter that this community is being deprived of weighs heavy on my soul, please, I beg of you, stand together as one and let those bags drop like there's no tomorrow. I'll be getting on tonight, my gamertag is MannersMakethMen(ps4). If you see me in a match please do not hesitate to bounce that tookus all over my defeated body. And watch that smile spread from ear to ear.

Idk what it is about teabagging that makes it so delightful, but I promise you there is magic in it. Try it for yourself and bag bag bag the day away.

Anyways :), that's it for me. Thankyou dice for a great game, thank you all in here for being beauties, keep smiling because life is too short not to. Have a great day all :). And please don't hesitate to share your glorious teabagging ventures below.

Feel free to add me, and if anyone cares I also have a YouTube channel starting soon :).

L8tr sk8rs
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  • 2 Reason why noone emotes.

    1) There is no 30 or 60 seconds in game wait for round start
    2) Everybody hits respawn upon death, so noone will see your emotes.
  • Right on, OP. I think emotes are great. I also laugh when someone else emotes at me, I think it adds to the fun for sure!
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  • Alex64
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    Since we just dont have character customization yet, bc they're fixing a lot of problems in the game, this means that there's a lot to be worried
    Why so serious?
  • rollind24
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    Perfect post for that username lol
  • I generally only emote try-hards or If I've been emoted, otherwise it takes too long. I wan't the laugh emote back too.
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  • DrX2345
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    I only generally emote in the little panoramic shot at the start of a match, or if I've sneakily placed a Detonite charge on an 'Avtivate X' style objective, someone tries to go for the objective and I retrigger it - cue 'Kaboom' emote and laugh haha.
    OOM19 wrote: »

    Imagine it

    A horde of Bipedal Millennium Falcons with cheeseburgers for legs
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