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service disruption...

this is the worst the game has ever been for me... the wait time to enter the lobby is at least twice as long as before. the amount of lag and bugs once in the game made it almost unplayable, which is something i didn't experience before. And finally upon death I was unable to select a new hero and was given one at random to use.... is anyone else experiencing anything similar since the servers went down..? hoping it gets back to "normal" soon


  • why did this cause the game to go completely fubar?!
  • Madbri
    235 posts Member
    Power outage man. Once a big company’s power gets shut down this is what happens. **** starts to get wacky. It might take a few hours or day to get back to normal.
  • so that explains y my guy just all the sudden stands up while hitting the button or i be middle of a fire fight and had to hit my fire button a 2nd time be like pew pew pew.......... hit button again to pew pew and die lol thought it was the officer card deal but happen to heavys and assaults as well
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