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AT-AT - Review

The towering AT-AT is one big hunk of a disappointment compared to it's BF2015 state. While there are two different maps with the AT-AT, Hoth and Endor, I'll only be addressing the Hoth variant as I consider it inferior in almost every way. Basically, the AT-AT is one of two vehicles, the other being the MTT, that are locked on a track, and they both have the same role: the defenders will try to expose them with missiles of some sort, but the defenders generally lose almost every time. With that out of the way, the first thing I'll address with this vehicle is...

The Kit

In the current state of the AT-AT has three abilities: Orbital Strike, Refresh, and Heavy Laser Cannon. The Orbital Strike unleashes an onslaught of lasers that rain down in a large area, killing pretty much everything in it's area, and it's easily the strongest of the three by a long shot. The second ability, Refresh, does exactly what you think it would, except worse. It rapidly decreases the cool-down or surrounding allies' abilities, yet does nothing to yours, which is just completely awful and since you don't get battle points, there's no incentive to actually use it. The final ability is the Heavy Laser Cannon, which turns your primary blaster into dual-firing mega lasers that are slow, deal a lot of damage, but overheat in one shot. This sounds great in theory, yet it fails to work well as your camera lowers by such a significant amount that you have a very tough time adjusting and since it's active for so little time that by the time you get used to it, you're back to your primary wondering what just happened.

Bugs and Glitches
The AT-AT is one of the most buggy features in this entire game. In my two games that I recently played, one being on Hoth and the other being on Endor, I encountered so many bugs. The first two happened in one go, after I activated Orbital Strike, the Strike wouldn't launch and the game showed that I was stuck in the Orbital Strike and I couldn't activate it again. It also locked me in HLC with an unlimited cool-down, which sounds nice, and tbh it kinda was, but still it was a glitch. The next glitch literally didn't let me fire anything at all and had me stuck in the Orbital Strike setting for the whole minute, just wasting BP for me.

Primary Weapon

The primary weapon for this vehicle is an absolute failure. The numbers aren't accurate, but I believe you can only take about seven shots before overheating, and since the damage is around 50 or such, you'll come to realize that you overheat VERY quick. When trying to target a player, the head of the AT-AT and the bullets move so slow that you end up playing some sort of prediction game, trying to aim at where the enemy is running. On Hoth, many players are either the Heavy or Specialist. Specialist's are easy kills with good aim, as a head shot instantly kills them, but Heavy's seem to take five million shots before they actually die, once again bringing in the issue of overheating.


For starters, buff both firing modes. Increase the primary's hit speed, decrease overheat time, and for the HLC, increase height of fire, so rather than around the chin, more around the cheeks (sounds strange but you probably get it.) Buff Refresh. A very easy fix is to give 25 BP to every target hit by Refresh and increase radius, OR have it affect your own abilities. Either way gives players an incentive to use the ability. Nerf Orbital Strike. While I would suggest mainly buffs, the Orbital Strike racks up so many kills when working properly, so increasing the cool-down by two seconds would be nice. Finally, increase head move speed. The biggest weakness with the AT-AT is how slow the head moves. If the head actually moved at a decent pace, then it would be used way more often and get kills rather than having to predict.


Despite all my criticism, I have a ton of fun using this when it doesn't break, but the AT-AT starts off with a disadvantage of being in two of the worst maps in the game, and comparing to the MTT it doesn't get close to even holding a candle. It's such a shame that one of the coolest vehicles in all of Star Wars is reduced to a slow walking pile of a mediocrity. With all it's problems I can only give it a 3.5/10. That's it for my review of the AT-AT! Sorry for this not being the best review, I lost all of my progress and had to write it twice, but please leave any feedback, be it negative or positive. Thanks for reading, WreakerOfClash, out!


  • Junus
    171 posts Member
    Yeah, the orbital strike is really op and fun to use. Thus the only reason I use the AT-AT
  • It’s got problems but you seem to be overly harsh about it.

    I can feel your anger
  • EvazanJr wrote: »
    It’s got problems but you seem to be overly harsh about it.

    I can feel your anger

    Lol I wasn’t trying to come off as overly harsh, sorry about that!
  • Junus
    171 posts Member
    EvazanJr wrote: »
    It’s got problems but you seem to be overly harsh about it.

    I can feel your anger

    Lol I wasn’t trying to come off as overly harsh, sorry about that!

    Nah, you don't need to apologise. I didn't see you comming of as harsh or aggressive.

    You just made a post about how the AT-AT needs some balance changes. A pretty long one to, lol
  • Sometimes it's a BP cash cow and the rest of the time, it's just a fancy view of the battlefield. Plethora of bugs that will hopefully be addressed in the next patch.
    Don't click unless you want to know the truth....
  • Yeah, hoping for the bugs to be patched. Tbh once it’s fixed it doesn’t even need any buffs.
  • I find it a complete waste of time and BP yet most times I see it available in the spawn screen I somehow end up clicking it. I must have self-control issues. The orbital strike works maybe 1 time in 10 uses. The rest of the time I end up stuck in it and waste all my time in the AT-AT without even getting a kill. It's main gun just gives you hitmarkers and the aim is glitched out and nausea inducing.

    I hope DICE realise and give this thing some love. Should they fix it and buff it significantly maybe raise the BP for it to at least 1000.
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