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New Game Mode Idea - Squad Escape

I'd like to propose a new game mode idea. There's actually two separate game mode ideas that I'd like to pitch—Squad Escape and Hero Escape—(the names are a work in progress), but for now let's focus on the first one, Squad Escape. For those of you who played it, this would be similar to how Safeguard from COD ghosts worked. It's meant for online multiplayer but could easily work offline as well. These games would incorporate everything that most players enjoy about the team aspects of BF2. There's a great game here and we can all see the potential. I'm no programmer but I don't think I'm reinventing the wheel here, either. Everything I propose either exists in BF2 or was in BF1.

Now, hear me out. This mode is meant to work in every era and with every faction, but here's a brief description as an example...

Following the droid invasion on Kashyyyk and the Republic evacuation, an elite Clone Commando Team finds themselves stuck behind enemy lines. In order to survive and escape, this unit must deactivate key strategic objectives and blast their way through the garrison of troops that now call Kashyyyk home. If they can fight their way through to a gunship, they just might be able to see their brothers, once again.

1) Squad Escape
  -  This would be a 4 player PvE, (Escape) Survival-based objective mode. A Horde Mode.
  -  Players would have limited shared lives.
  -   In this game, the player team is limited to one unit from each class (i.e. 1- Heavy, 1- Assault, 1-Officer, 1-Specialist). This will  
      promote squad teamwork. Players will be forced to play to the strengths and weaknesses of their squad/troop type. You can.  
      only have one of each troop type.
  -  The opposition would be increasing numbers of AI enemy soldiers (like Survival from 2015 Battlefront)
  -  The map would be sectioned off into multiple segments (differing depending on map). The 4-player team must complete a 
       series of objectives to advance to the next stage/section of the map.
  -   Like in the Campaign, weapon crates will be scattered throughout the maps to aid in the battle. These one-time use weapons  
       would be attainable during rounds, similar to how Iden had to open crates to access some weapons. The amount of battle 
       points accrued would determine which weapons can be selected.
  -   Players would have to defeat intensifying waves of enemy troops as they deactivate objectives like shutting down shields, 
       opening blast doors (or close them to slow the attack), sabotage enemy equipment, priming defense cannons, and getting 
       the gunship ready for takeoff.
  -    Enemies will keep on coming. The longer it takes to reach and complete the objectives, the more difficult and intense the 
        waves will become. There should be multiple objectives for each stage. This will require teamwork to protect and defend 
        your mates if you're going to get out alive.
  -    But before they board the gunship, players have one final challenge. The final stage introduces an era-specific hero/villain to 
        fight alongside the AI troops. (The variety of heroes would obviously be better when more Heroes are added to the game).
  -    This mode would work with either any of the large Galactic Assault maps, and the scenario can work for either faction 
        (light/dark). Similar scenarios that play out in Galactic Assault would work well here, only in a more concentrated form.
        The best example from Galactic Assault currently would be Death Star II. You have to deactivate tractor beams and disable    
        main weapon systems before you can escape. Like that, only with four players against an ever increasing sea of enemies 
        and a shared pool of limited reinforcements.
   -   What I like best about the mode is that it's a cooperative, not competitive mode. 
  -   Players cannot be heroes. Players cannot be reinforcements. Just four troops with nothing to rely on but each other.


The next mode is called Hero Escape.
More on that in the next post...

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  • Interesting Founder "Where the Game is Winnable."

  • What about if they just brought back extraction?
  • Evazan127
    8105 posts Member
    Safeguard = Extraction
  • DrX2345
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    I basically made a post about this idea a while back, just with a couple of things different.
    OOM19 wrote: »

    Imagine it

    A horde of Bipedal Millennium Falcons with cheeseburgers for legs
    If there seems to be random words or phrases in my post that don't make sense, blame Autocorrect.
  • Love it
    Two players on different teams....
    1 credit for join a game that ends.

  • GenxDarchi
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    edited March 2018
    Good idea.

    Though an Imperial version of this could be The Purge/Vector as the Blackwing virus is canon. Would make for a cool survival mode. Playable only in First Person. Need to write this up.
    You guys are gonna make me rich......
    Xbox G-tag
    That Specialist rework was disappointing.

  • Love the idea. Dislike the idea of being forced to spawn as a specialist if all other slots are taken for an entire game.
  • Good point. I get that some people won't want to be forced into using a class @moondynemc , but I think it's like Heroes vs. Villians in that respect. You pick who's available. And players may learn greater appreciation for the classes that they don't usually use, or learn to use the classes in a more strategic and/or different ways. I hope the DEVE see this and take both Squad a escape and Hero Escape under consideration.
  • I really think that some of the PVE modes we will get will be close to this sort of setup. I'd prefer the Heroes version of "Escape" mode, but I'll take this one too.
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