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Radar & Scan dart only detecting friendlies

Whenever around a friendly vehicle, whether it's an actual vehicle or a turret, the radar detects them as enemies, but doesn't actually show enemies. The same problem goes for the Assault's scan dart, where it sometimes detects friendlies and highlighting them in red, but never does the same for enemy troopers. Is this a singular event or is everyone having this issue?


  • hsf_
    1820 posts Member
    I have had the scan dart issue before.
  • Yes there's definitely scan problems, my experience.

    • My own scan darts (assault) won't show up anything but will detect them (hear myself say 'enemies detected' or something like that) and I'll get points for kill assists. The only way to fix is to quit the whole game and restart.

    • Other players scan darts sometimes flags allies as red
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