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Can We Either Choose Default Starting Class Or Get A Loud Notification Before Match Starts?

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edited March 2018
Could we either choose starting loadout classes I advance before the starting screen, maybe even choose, maybe even map and side specific. Like I always play heavy as FO on star killer but assault on Resistance for that map in GA at start. Either that or a loud notification before the match starts. you know once it transitioned from the planet loading screen to the starting menu queue.

One of the problems I have in this game is the long waits. I get it with PBR rendering so much detail it takes a long time. I'm not bothered by it, its a fact of the new age in gaming. But what happens is is that I look a way for a few seconds and next thing I know I spawned in as an Assault trooper when I wanted to spawn in as something else. Ya you can die and respawn but that takes tickets away and you loose those 10 seconds that can make or break a team's push.


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