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So how will this update affect those that don't get duplicate credits?

I'm glad they've moved to a more performance-based progression. However, as someone who's played since November without getting duplicate credits, I kind of feel cheated that the ~200K in credits I haven't receive, which should have helped me progress my classes, reinforcements and heroes are now only going to usable for buying skins.

Is there anyway that way those us, who haven't been given duplicates be reimbursed in a way that reflects where our progression should be?


  • I also would like an answer to this.
  • grimmace2
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  • So opening crates doesn't reward duplicates now?
    This is how you teach scrubs:
  • This update sounds great, but if it goes the way it sounds like it, those of us who never got our duplicate credits are going to eventually be reimbursed with credits that are far less valuable to the game.

    On top of that, it even puts us behind the 8 ball even further, considering the fact that I have to spend 30k in credits to save up casting parts, which means ~900 credits missimg credits per crate and ~640 fewer crafting parts.

    If the new system is going towards skill points, at least average my duplicate credits out to the amount of crafting parts that I would be owed. It still won't completely reimburse me, but atleast I'll be much closer to where I should have been.

    This new update, while very much welcomed only hurts those who've already been out of coin and cards via the duplicate bug.
  • Yes , i'm not happy with this part either. I ran thru about 100k in credits just to get CP to get some of my cards leveled up and everything unlocked. 90% of the cards i received were duplicates of the 600 kind, do the math. Thats just what i spent today , that doesnt count the past 4 months that i havent received credit for duplicates for. EA should give those of us that have this problem a huge credit dump and a few days to decide how we want to spend them. Honestly we have been screwed and our progression is not what it should be compared to those who dont have this problem. This is a fundamental part of the game and I would have thought something like this would have been immediately fixed , instead nerfs and buffs of weapons and heroes seemed to be more important. SAD
  • The new progression system is obviously an ingenious fix for the missing credits from duplicate bug.

    /me flees.

  • I also would like an answer to this.

    Me to
  • @Mr_Taver any insight?
  • Me too...still waiting to hear how this will be handled. I do not want to convert credits for cosmetics at this point and lose so much. We were told this would be handled for us!
  • So opening crates doesn't reward duplicates now?

    @AbyssWatch3r it does not...even after patch 1.2. It doesnt happen for everyone and for sone it has happened since the beginning and for others seems to be since january. For me it appears to award most of them on the crate screen and then it all disappears after you leave the crate screen. So we all get 3 to 4 duplicates per crate....with nothing returned. So everyone has been hoarding credits waiting for the fix. We. Havent been buying crates for crafting parts because of it so we are all behind in progression. Looks like anything we have hoarded can only be used for cosmetics. EA has not given us specifics about how this is being handled. I bought the deluxe version at launch and am still waiting for basic counting to work in March.
  • Cashed in 130k for crafting parts last night. Lost a TON on duplicates. Sure hope these come back.
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