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Simple fix to make the game great

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edited March 2018
Do some basics on the MM so ALL players can enjoy the game . I'm pretty experienced and okay now. I just played with a fresh sub-account for my Son just to set it up for him before April update. So my ID's 'Skill profile' should be very very basic - played several rounds of Strike using Assault at level 5 , ( All classes below 7 ) . Every Match I was in a team with low ranks on my side and against team with 3-4 Players with plus classes at 30+ and the top tier weapons ( Snipers with OHK etc ) and blue/purples. I could hold my own quite a bit but honestly new inexperienced players they would just get so frustrated with this.

If I play Solo on my proper account I often get placed in teams of beginners on both sides and there is no real competition. All this on PS4 so a decent sized population in Europe

The CORE of PVP is player matching ... Frankly I'd prefer proper private matches / meaningful MM over content
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