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Specialist: Lay Flat Advanced Card Achievement

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edited March 2018
If the specialist remains paper thin on hit points, could be fun to be the only class that has a second crouch level that is to lay flat on stomach. Could be a card you get after a certain rank achieved. Basically, the specialist would only show a viewable head hit box when in this position. It wouldn't be OP, because it takes a second to get up, so you are more vulnerable to counter shot. You would be able to crawl around in this position to get out of line of sight.

It would be fun to have less exposure and lay in the bushes like a real sniper. I'm sure an EL-16 would still murder you once you were spotted. :)

It doesn't feel right that I can't reduce my visibility in relation to other units. Imagine being able to get behind low bushes and not be seen until you fire your weapon on Kashyyyk phase 2, or blend in more on hoth. Your head sticks up, but at least you aren't raising a flag saying "shoot me once" to everyone on the map.

It just feels natural, doesn't it? I don't think it would be a major balance issue, just helps reduce hit box for a weaker class and makes them less mobile during that position. Lol. I just imagine randomly coming across snipers on the ground and shooting them while they lay there. Easy kill, but also funny.

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