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The Imbalance of Hero Health Regeneration

I'm assuming there have been several posts about this, but this is mine.

Playing Galactic Assault last night, we were facing a Separatist team on Naboo with a Palpatine. I personally got him down to about 100 health out on the streets, thinking somewhere in there the rest of the team would take him out. Come to find out, as we are defending the door controls, the player managed to replenish 100% of their health, on their way to a 70+ killstreak.

Here you have a character who plays a ranged attack who can replenish 100% of his health. Meanwhile I'm playing as Han Solo, trying to stay alive while protecting the zones, having my health whittled down piece by piece. Eventually I am down to 100 or so, and Palpatine takes me out in an instant, being once again at full health.

So on the villain side you have Vader who can replenish 100 health with any hero kill, while Palpatine with an Epic chain lightning card can recover 90 health, just by hitting three regular players, not even needing to get a kill! Palpy can recover 100% of his health just by spamming Chain Lightning. I realize this is compensation for lack of a block, but where are Yoda and Maul's compensating abilities? Yoda can buff his health, but it goes away in seconds.

Rey and Luke top out at what, 60 for a villain kill? Bossk can stand in the middle of his Dioxis and recover health like it's friggin' Bacta. Meanwhile Han Solo, Lando, Boba Fett, Iden and others are stuck recovering a fraction of their health.

Lightsaber wielders I'm ok with replenishing some health on kills because they have to play in close quarters, and Vader recovering more I'm ok with because he's Darth Vader. But at least put all the heroes on equal footing with health replenishment on kills, or let them all replenish 100%. Pick one, but make it equal.


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