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Iden Versio Should Be Only 6000 BP For Sequel Trilogy Maps In Galactic Assault

I didn't notice this before, because after I finished using Iden to get the milestones I stopped using her but after the DLC campaign that came out since Iden is in fact in the sequel trilogy, so shouldn't she be only 6000, not 8000?


  • Sgt_Fergus
    2245 posts Member
    edited March 2018
    But shes in the sequel trilogy as a resistance fighter.... Not an Imperial Era looking unit

    I tried considering that but it's a terrible argument and here is why. There are 13 mission in the original game. of that, she plays as a bad guy for 3 of them and 1 of them she literally changes sides in like 1 minute of a cutscene and starts killing storm troopers the entire mission. Unless they want to put a Iden(Good) and a Iden(Bad), which would be cool. They really should do something about that. I mean she turned coats faster than Benedict Arnold.
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