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Save Your Skill Points From Crafting Parts For Heroes & Hero Starfighters

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edited March 2018
Heads up, when the new update comes in on March 21 you will no longer be able to get crafting parts and your crafting parts will be able to be converted to skill points. I'm taking it these skill points will be a general skill point. Skill points going forward are restricted to their classes. Example skill points earned as an assault can only be used for assault class star cards. Which means that it will now be even harder to get skill points for a hero as most players that do get heroes will hog it so best save the the general skill points and use them on the star cards best for each hero to max out so that way you can get some progression on them as getting heroes will not be as common to get unless you play HvV. Hero Starfighters, unless they make an exclusive mode fore that, will probably be the least common to rank up in skill points so might want to plan on upgrading those first. Hope this helps on how to go forward in spending skill points as tomorrow is the last day to get crafting parts with credits from crates. After the update, all credits and crystals for crates only unlock cosmetic items so to get skill points you will have to play as that character, starfighter, vehicle, class, reinforcement, etc to get that skill point.


  • Oh And Another Thing! Right now, use your crafting parts to unlock every level 1 star card. 40 crafting parts will equal 1 skill point and it cost 40 crafting parts to unlock a star card and it will be at level 1. If you do not unlock this by the time of the update, you will have to achieve a certain level of that class to be able to start upgrading it. So effectively it is worth it to buy it now as it will make no difference whether it is with crafting parts or with a skill point. So it would be wise to unlock every star card now while there is still time as you won't need to get to class/hero/vehicle rank 30 to start progressing some of these cards. All cards unlocked and their levels will stay the same after the upgrade so it is wise to unlock every card today and tomorrow. I have unlocked all mine for this reason.
  • I'm starting to question whether this system is better lol. I guess I will have to unlock a few things.
  • Khronikos wrote: »
    I'm starting to question whether this system is better lol. I guess I will have to unlock a few things.

    overall better but not for heroes and hero star fighters because it means you literally have to play as that class to get skill points and get it to a certain level to unlock certain abilities. unless they make it really simple, its gonna by a slog that you would probably prefer the crafting part method over the skill point in terms of how long it takes to get it completed. At least the old method you didn't have to unlock the card and get skill points. That's what is probably going to make this longer. The other classes, which you get to play more often, will be a breeze. unfortunately I see as well this means people will develop more narcissism and focus on getting their skill points up, like ATST and focus less on the objective since ATST can't cap and so the only way to progress is go fo kills and if most the enemy are somewhere else, chances are they will more likely disregard the objective.
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