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Spending skill points?

I’m not sure wether to spend my skill points or save them? Which would be more beneficial?


  • Well they can only be used on the class your earned them on, unless you mean the skill points gained by crafting parts. You should spend them on cards you plan on using. Maybe save if you’re close to the next threshold for card levels, like saving on levels 33 and 34 as a trooper will let you upgrade three rares to epic when you hit 35. Otherwise, don’t see any reason to save them.
  • d0kRX
    1348 posts Member
    Not really any reason to save them. You do get enough points to upgrade all cards to epic anyway. So just use them on cards you want first on your way to upgrading them all to epic. And like the other guy said, if the cards you want to upgrade can't be upgraded yet, then use them on something else or save them if you want to.
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  • If you're within three levels of an upgrade threshold I could see saving so as soon as you hit the level needed you can upgrade one full hand to the next tier.
  • Devlin21
    8308 posts Member
    If youre near level for epics, save them till you reach that.

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