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Bespin is back and it's awesome!

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Getting to play Bespin with Jetpacks is awesome!! Well done Dice! Thank you!


  • I disagree.

    It's nice to see Bespin it looks amazing and its nostalgic but jetpack cargo doesn't work well on it.

  • bob_dylan71
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    edited March 2018
    Agree like the map hate jet pack cargo there match was longer than most GA matches.
  • SVEJ
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    No it's not awesome, theres barley any changes, i don't even think they did a graphical improvement, looks the same to me.
  • MCA26
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    Y'all so miserable.
    It's a fantastic map, hopefully this leads to more BF2015 DLC maps coming up. Jetpack works great in it because you really have to aim your jumps. Will love to see more modes for it as well like GA.
  • 1. The map itself was one of my favorite maps from BF2015 so from that perspective it's nice to have it back. A lot of fun memories there.

    2. Jetpack cargo, is not good. The main issue being that the matches take forever. if it wasnt for the leia skin i wouldnt play it again.
  • MCA26
    174 posts Member
    I think it just takes some time to get the hang of it. I didn't get to play it much in the previous showing and didn't enjoy it on Mos Eisley (even though I love that map) but after playing it on Bespin I'm loving it.
    After a few games I don't fall off the side of the map as it just takes aiming the jump better. Mos Eisley is more fun now after playing it on Bespin.

    I think what will hurt JPC is that they take it away. That's a pity.
  • I love Bespin! Jetpack not so much. Though I think Cargo could be refined to be great. I think Cargo should be like Blast with normal reinforcements.
  • Also give us a timer on it. That would do wonders.
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