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[Darth Maul] The No-Block Experiment Should End

I realize that there was an effort to give Maul and Yoda a different play style, and I understand the reasoning behind it. But it simply doesn't work. It's not realistic, and presents an arbitrary barrier for a player to deal with. It's quite obvious from Maul and Yoda's duels in the films that they parry and block just as much as any other lightsaber heroes.

Perhaps Maul's two dodges could be differentiated. Right now the regular dodge on PS4 circle button does the same thing as the L2 block button. You have to specify the direction you want to dodge. What if the L2 block button caused Maul to sort of duck the blow with an immediate counterattack without specifying a direction?


  • Thanks for pointing this out, it seems this nonsense isn't lost on everybody.
    This is how you teach scrubs:
  • Batman20
    1724 posts Member
    He doesn't have a block though because he is already a beast. That's probably why they never give it to him. It would make him crazy powerful if he could then block and combine that with his speed he'd be tough to kill. Just leave him be he's not that hard to rack kills up with even if your new or rubbish
  • I do pretty well with him most times, but he's too easy to kill with blasters. And really, shouldn't Obi-Wan be the only person who can kill him? :smile:
  • Yeah the no block on maul is a little silly. At least with Yoda you can force block blaster fire. I simply can't play with Maul without getting melted, I just don't understand the play style.
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