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Jetpack Cargo balancing concept

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edited March 2018
Jetpack cargo is a great mode, but it's extremely unbalanced. I'm amazed at how it's so poorly done. Players are able to stay in spawn for the rest of the match if they'd like. One match can literally last for up to an hour. The carriers die very easily as well, which makes for a longer match. I have a solution to all of the current problems with it.

A: When someone picks up the cargo they get an extra 100 health. Once this 100 health is depleted, it can no longer be regenerated and their "normal" base health returns.

B: When you pick up the cargo you have a 2:00 minute timer to score a point before it resets.

If both of these fixes are added this mode will be
10 times better. So if any of the devs see this. Please take it up to whoever is in charge. Thank you for all of the hard work guys!
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