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[Conquest] IS Battlefront, not a 'Port'

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edited March 2018
A while back Dennis was asked about Conquest mode and he said that they've been hearing from the Community about a more open mode or somesuch and said, "I'm not sure if porting over a mode is the answer or not," assuming he meant porting over a mode from DICE's Battlefield series.

If Conquest was the mode that made the Battlefront series what it was, and DICE has made a name for itself with Conquest in Battlefield, why doesn't it make sense to include it in Battelfront 2? You're not 'porting it over' from anything. No one is going to look askance at DICE if they have Conquest in Battlefront 2. In fact--dare I say--sales would go THROUGH THE ROOF, especially if available in Arcade!
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