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No Match for a Good Blaster

Why is there no team balancing in this game?

I'm srsly. Even most CS 1.6 servers had it. It's really frustrating to be steamrolled match after match.


  • They should do what Team Fortress 2 did, Shuffle the teams after 2 rounds
  • Since day 1, I've been asking why there isn't a team shuffle after matches.
  • They should do what Team Fortress 2 did, Shuffle the teams after 2 rounds
    I haven't played TF2 properly in 5 years lol. I remember it had a system that required a majority vote to shuffle the teams at one point, and guess what? They never got shuffled because the winning team voted against it.
  • Now it is shuffled automatically..... which i what EA needs to do

    It's not fair for the losing side, all they can do is pray that the quitting players will be replaced by good ones
  • It was like this for a long time with the last Battlefront as I recall. With a lot of the people I played with we'd play a match, maybe two, and if we were on the team being squashed, we'd leave to find a new lobby because we knew it would never get any better, you just get trapped in a perpetual losing streak as people continue to drop from the side getting wrecked while the other remains full because those people are winning and not dropping. Without reshuffling of any kind the imbalance is never fixed. How bad the online component of this game is really is perplexing given that DICE has done Battlefield for years. No team balancing, no squad or partner systems, no party spawning, needing to be in two parties (both a in-game and a PSN one, if you don't want your mics to cut out between games), it's so bare bones and inept you'd think this was the first shooter the company has ever done.
  • Yeah that's about right.
  • There was a YouTube video which argued that the sense of frustration created by getting repeatedly hammered drives people to want to pay to win and buy loot crates. In it, the presenter postulated that the reason for them showing the cards used by an opponent who has just killed you was to subtly suggest to you that perhaps if you had these cards, you might also win etc.
  • when your in a bad game leave and find one that suits you. thats the simple fix right now.
  • Jbstiner
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    It did shuffle teams after each map, until the very first patch. It hasn’t worked since...
    My Wookie went to Scarif and all I got was this lousy t-shirt...
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