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August Community Calendar
Battle Point Event Heroes Unleashed

Something to keep a close watch on going forward

With this new progression system, a new balance dynamic has been introduced. For the first time, we have players able to choose their star cards as well as upgrade them more easily. I've begun to notice a lot more full sets of Epic cards on players. We are just now getting a larger look at what these decks can do.

In particular, today there were some players running heroes with full decks of Epic cards on Galactic Assault. There were a couple of them on the same team, and they were annihilating the objectives. It wasn't even close. They won Theed with over 80 tickets left lol. Before that, they rolled us out of Mos Eisley as soon as they got their heroes out.

My guess is with the old system there was a very small percentage of players that had the cards they wanted and/or had a set of Epic cards. For all the "Pay 2 win" talk, it was actually "Pay for a chance to win". If RNG wasn't in your favor, you weren't getting squat lol.

Honestly, I think the restrictive nature of Galactic Assault magnifies the problem. The choke points limit the action so severely. A more open mode like Conquest or even Supremacy won't allow this to happen. Yes Conquest...the one fix to rule them all!

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