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Were is the Battle Points for Arcade?

For us who can't play online because of what you need to pay to play online on consol, can't get battle point. This needs to chance. I don't want to pay the price of playing online when I already payed for the game.
So please EA, please make a way for players to get battle points even if you can't play online.


  • bfloo
    14408 posts Member
    Do you mean credits and skill points?
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  • Why would you need battlepoints offline? Battlepoints are used to select heroes/re-enforcements etc in multiplayer. They have no use offline.
  • Sure you get BP offline so not sure what ur taking about
  • Not sure what he means either since you can earn BP and call in Enforcers, Aerial and Heroes. The star cards alre also unlocked and maxed out now. Perhaps he'd like the weapons and weapon attachments unlocked.

    What would be nice for single player is more game modes and Star Fighter. Battlefront had a ton of game modes you could play offline. It also had co-op but that was online.
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