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Which Region is most populated/active on SWBF?

South America
US East
US West

I can never seem to find any matches when I set this to Auto. Which Region seems to work better for you?


  • IIPrest0nII
    4790 posts SWBF Senior Moderator
    Europe for me, Germany. I always can find any match.
    Star Wars Battlefront Community Forums Moderator
  • Hey thanks!

    It's really good to know that Europe Server has decent players still online. Hopefully everyone can just play on one region.

    I can't always find a match during the weekdays but I'll see people start Bespin Matches Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Europe is about 6 hours ahead of the east coast but I've been able to finish a lot of Hutt Contracts.

    Not sure how stable BF1 Population will be but hopefully people will start adding more friends to form teams and parties with.

    Really appreciate your response; you've really helped me out a lot.
  • I swithed to Europe a couple of weeks ago and have had alot of success finding games on all DLC.
  • 2019 servers cant seem to find any once every blue moon i get to play matches now suddenly it stopped only few players every day i tried why cant ea just put all the players in the same server.I understand america but the rest of the world there are still people like me enjoying star wars battlefront ignoring the micro transaction horsecrap.
  • IIPrest0nII
    4790 posts SWBF Senior Moderator
    Necroposting is not allowed on the forums.

    Star Wars Battlefront Community Forums Moderator
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