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[Continous music option]

I have a few issues with this option:
1. Its lacks of variety
2. That heroe themes don’t play in Galactic Assault and Heroes vs Villains
3. After patch 2.0 if you activate the continuous music option you will hear two songs at the same and it’s quite annoying


  • I was just about to create a thread on this issue, but then I saw this one.

    I agree. The Continuous Music feature needs an overhaul. Most of the time it'll start to play a track, then 10 seconds into it, it'll start a new one and sometimes it'll even repeat this process three or four times. Other times it'll start to play two tracks at once before it drops one in favor of the other about 10 seconds in.

    The whole thing needs to be reworked, and we could definitely use more variety.
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