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[ Balance & Lag ] Overall better since patch

As specialist, getting heroes now, never before no matter how many kills. Really great changes to balance and battle points. I have had more heroes since the patch consistently, regardless of class I play.

Heroes seem more fragile in general to damage, but no proof of this. I don't mind. I think they are about where they should be in general. They can push to make the difference when your team is stuck, but they aren't invincible.

Lag and Rubber banding has been consistently reduced, but I'm also seeing rooms not fill up consistently, and I wonder if the only difference is fewer players = better server lag. :/ (32 ms for me)

Overall, I get much less frustrated by any one character or thing driving imbalance or anger per game.

Looking forward to new maps and content.


  • I like this patch. Looking forward to next one.
  • I'm still hoping they can smooth out the high traffic server lag though. Weekends are almost unplayable compared to weekdays on PS4 and I have 32 ms ping and never have speed warnings from the server. Just glitchy, rubber banding crud. Drops my kill average about 10 because I can't hit anything because they aren't really in that spot, only a ghost!

  • Rubberbanding is still a huge problem in this game.
  • Massively, I reinstalled the game just to check and its garbo. I can play titanfall 2 just fine, or anything on my pc but bf2 on my xbone is basically as good as gone
  • Yeah I have had that problem
  • Rubberbanding
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