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August Community Calendar

XP and Battle points earning in Fighter Assault

Hello EA/DICE devs!

Don't you think that the XP and Battle points earning policy in Fighter Assault should change?
I mean: we take an eternity to get XP and Battle points in starships if we compare them to infantry, heroes and ground units.
I got disinterested in Fighter Assault since the beginning of the new progression system. It's extremely hard to level up starships now, especially heroes' starships.


  • My suggestion to make Fighter Assault mode more interesting:

    1. Increase the XP earning rate for Starships classes and for heroes starships.
    2. Increase the battle points earning rate for starships classes.
    3. Include the possibility of using battle points to use the big ships' turrets, just like we do in the LAAT's and U-Wings.
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