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And they Say Vader isn't OP in HvV

I understand Iden is broken and also OP because of that, but Vader is just OP, like Palpa, but now better then Palpa. Enjoy some destruction
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  • I agree he is OP. I had 36 eliminations in one game last night with him and no one on either team was anywhere near my score. I'd like to think I'm good, but I can't match that with any other heroes, especially on the Light side. I can easily score over 20,000 with Vader, whereas I might only score 10,000 to 16,000 with other heroes. This is without EPIC star cards even (I have Rare).

    That said, I don't want him to get any kind of super nerf because it's Darth Vader and he should be the best or nearly the best. His damage output shouldn't be touched for example. I think maybe he just needs to have a little less health so he isn't as much of a tank. He can still have a lot of health because that's the tradeoff of not being that fast/agile, but right now with star cards and focused rage, he's just so hard to take down.
  • Curtis
    47 posts Member
    Vader has a glitched star card too that gives him an extra 100 health that it’s not supposed to but even that seems high... @F8RGE can we get that fixed in next patch.

    Honestly HvV seems like an ungodly mess right now and it’s my favorite mode :(
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