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Why can Heroes break Canon, while cosmetics can't?

I'm not sure if this has been brought up yet, but Heroes like Rey fighting alongside clones at least 25 years before she was born is a massive break of Canon. Despite this, Ea's CFO said that a pink Darth Vader breaks Canon, so things like that can't happen. I totally agree that a bedazzled Vader isn't something that should exist in the game, but there are many things that aren't Canon that would fit in perfectly. Of those, I would personally love to play as one of the many Clone troopers from the TV show Star Wars the clone wars. The characters didn't break Canon and they used the exact same weapons that are currently in the game, yet I can almost guarantee that they won't ever be included in the game because they aren't in the movies or 100% Canon. So I ask again why are heroes allowed to give Canon the middle finger, while the rest of the game must adhere to the smallest of details from the Canon...


  • because they didn't want to restrict people from playing their fav char and they dont have enough heros
  • The "cosmetics breaking canon" thing was just a pathetic excuse from EA trying to defend their decision of using MTX for gameplay affecting loot boxes rather than making them purely cosmetic. But this has changed now, thankfully.
    I agree, but EA isn't committed to following Canon (as shown by the heroes and tie proton torpedoes) but they still haven't gone with the things they know will make the most of the player base happy, even if it isn't all technically Canon.
  • because they didn't want to restrict people from playing their fav char and they dont have enough heros

    I have no idea how that relates... Cosmetics don't restrict, they give more options if anything
  • who said clone wars and rebels(sad I know) breaks canon?
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  • mastery0ta
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    Cross era debate has been extinct for over a millennia, I do not believe it could have returned without us knowing.
  • Lord_Oz wrote: »

    Pretty sure everything in the Clone Wars cartoon series is 100% Canon. It's the last stuff the Creator gave to us. People forget Lucas worked with Filoni for that series.
    I looked it up, and it turns out you're right that the Star Wars the clone wars TV show is most definitely Canon.
    As for the time travel in Rebels, it's Canon, but the temple is gone, meaning that's not available...

  • Because the troops are map specific creeps while the heros are not.

    Its like a moba in a way.

    If that doesnt work for you time travel is canon.
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