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Much more content soon or i say goodbye

Much more content soon or i say goodbye

In this order:

Much more maps
More game modes
More weapons
More customizing
More heroes

I think that the next dlc will be Solo: A Star Wars History. And only it will include one normal map, one starship map and one/two heroes. And it's not enough to me.


  • Jello770
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    Anything else?
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  • Jello770 wrote: »
    Anything else?

    - Fix errors and lag problems.
    - Get better the cutscenes and little details.

    In generally the BF1 was a better game, more finalise ,more perfect and more addicting. Although it had few maps in the beginning .
  • Devlin21
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  • Wow, that's an epic level Sarcasm Resistance starcard.

    Although your points may be valid, I really don't think they are interested in demands from a single player. Especially since they already have all our money. Just saying.
  • JediPacoElFlaco
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    edited April 2018
    Complaining is free.

    Really I try help them because this game has potential but it lack much content. And i feel it bores me a little more each day.

    The DLCs will revive the game and we need one now.
  • HvV_pro
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    Possible may 4th season thing... rather than solo theme
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