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New possible vehicles for the speeder class

There are two suggestions I have for new speeder vehicles in the Prequel Trilogy maps. And these would work as they are seen in the films.

1. Droid STAP. These could work like speeder bikes for the droids as they are lacking a vehicle speeder class wise. The only cost though is that they wouldn't be able to fly too high as this would no doubt be a bit OP for clones to deal with against so many of them. But then again, they are easily countered as the droid is exposed and the vehicle itself has weak armor so it can work.

2. Flash Speeders on Theed. This land speeder was used by Naboo's security forces. Perhaps the clones can commandeer them and use them against the droids so there's more variety on Naboo so the clones don't just have the AT-RT. It can work the same way as the X-34 Landspeeders on Tatooine. I just feel at some point there needs to be some feature to have dual based vehicles so teammates can be utilized efficiently for them.


  • There's all kinds of speeders they could add... obviously there's the STAP and Flash Speeder you just mentioned, and also the T-16 Skyhopper for Tatooine... the Speeder Bike could be made available on more maps like Hoth and Yavin IV, and they could even add a Republic variant for Kashyyyk, if not the BARC Speeder. Then there's the TIE Striker from Rogue One, which is supposed to be the Imperial's answer to the T-47 Airspeeder.
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  • They could add these but they have to fix the controls for the Speeder class in general.
    Make E-Web decent again.
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