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Multi-Purpose Vehicles required

The thing I find disappointing is the lack of vehicles that depend on multiple players to utilize. There are vehicles that are unnecessary for that, but I find it more interesting to have vehicles that can multitask when attacking for better immersion and teamwork. There are vehicles already in the game that can work with this.

1. AAT. This powerful tank is helpful when dealing with enemies in front of you, but you remain completely stationary when siege mode is activated and the tank is slow in turning. Two teammates can work here with one driving using the main cannons and explosive shells and the other using siege mode to deal with enemies from the side and back.

2. X-34 Land Speeder. This vehicle can help in situations, but there should be a second person on the side either manning the front turret or using his own blaster to deal with enemies around him. Speeders are quite vulnerable against enemies attacking you from the side or back as they mostly go for the driver and not the vehicle itself.

3. LIUV. Unfortunately this vehicle can only fire directly in front of it, but there is a second seat for another passenger. The driver can just move and shoot with the other teammate shooting with his blaster.

4. Speeder Bike. A speeder bike is capable of fitting one more passenger on the back. One unique thing the back passenger can do is utilize a barrage to do some explosive damage resulting in variety without having to have all speeders just have a second. teammate with a blaster all the time.

5. LAAT Gunship. I know this is the most heavily requested to control as right now we can only fire with the turret from the side and it can easily be destroyed by accurate enemies and AATs making the ship a bit weak. Based on how they work, these vehicles can act like armored helicopters where one person drives and fires the main cannons, the second person can man the turrets and do damage from above as the LAAT wouldn't always be a viable option for strafe runs, and possibly the option to fire from within the hull to attack enemies on the ground. Another interesting possibility is to have the LAAT hover and do some real damage similarly to how they worked when arriving on Geonosis. Basically, this ship can use full control as we were able to fly with it in the original Battlefront II.

At some point, this feature needs to be implemented as this was one of the things that made vehicles fun to use in the original Battlefront II and it brought variety to the table.
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