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Hero/Villain Pair Concept- Padme and Jango

Padme Amidala

Health: 650
Health Regen: 50
Health Regen Delay: 6 seconds
Max Health Regen: 250
Movement Speed: Medium
Roll Cooldown: Mediun
Roll Distance: Medium
Jump Height: Low

Primary Weapon:
ELG-3A Holdout Blaster Pistol

Damage: 60 damage to 20m, 59-41 damage from 21-29m, 40 damage 30+m
Fire Mode: Semi-automatic
Fire Rate: Medium
Cooling Power: Medium
Accuracy- High
Recoil- Medium

Secondary Weapon:
E-5 Blaster Rifle

Damage: 50 to 15m, 49-36 from 16-29m, 35 at 30+m
Fire Mode: Automatic
Fire Rate: Medium-high


Stun Shot- Padme switches her holdout blaster over to stun mode, allowing her to fire a single stun pulse, which does 30 damage and stuns an enemy it hits for 2 seconds. 18 second cooldown
Reference for ability:

Aggressive Negotiations- Padme switches to an enhanced E-5 blaster rifle for 28 seconds, firing it reduces the remaining time on the clock faster. 18 second cooldown.
Reference for ability:

Inspiring Presence- Activating it allows Padme to immediately begin health regen for herself and all allies within an 8m radius, if health regen is interrupted by enemy damage while Inspiring presence is active, the delay for the next regen is halved. Additionally, Padme's ELG-3A builds up 15% less heat while Inspiring Presence is active. 12 second active time, 20 second cooldown.

Star Cards
-Stun shot does 40/50/60/70 damage.
-Stun shot stuns enemies for 2.1/2.2/2.3/2.4 seconds.
-If an enemy affected by stun shot is killed before the stun ends, the cooldown of the next stun shot is reduced by 15/20/25/30%
-Padme's Aggressive Negotiations lasts 15/20/25/30% longer
-E-5 shots reduce 15/20/25/30% less active time during Aggressive Negotiations
-Padme's ELG-3A builds 20/25/30/35% less heat while Inspiring Presence is active.
-Padme and all affected allies gain 4/6/8/10% damage reduction during Inspiring Presence.
-Inspiring Presence lasts 15/16/17/18 seconds
-Padme regains 20 health for each defeated trooper and 20/40/60/80 health for each defeated villain.

Standard Outfit

Geonosis Outfit

Optional Outfits

Geonosis Outfit Ripped

Clone Wars Action Outfit

“So this is how liberty dies...with thunderous applause”
“I was not elected to watch my people die while you discuss this invasion in a committee!”

Jango Fett

Health: 650
Health Regen: 50
Health Regen Delay:6 seconds
Max Health Regen: 200
Movement Speed: Medium
Dash Cooldown: Medium
Dash Distance: High
Jump Height: Low


2x WESTAR-34 Pistols

Damage: 40 damage to 10m, 39-31 damage from 11-19m, 30 damage from 20+m
Fire Mode: Semi-automatic technically, but treated as automatic in-game to make it easier to fire quickly while flying.
Fire Rate: Technically medium, but since there are two the fire rate will appear to be very fast.
Cooling Power- Medium
Accuracy- Medium
Recoil- Medium

Wrist-mounted Flamethrower

Damage: 40 per second < 4m, 30 per second from 4-8m. Each second an enemy is in contact with the flame, they additionally are hit with a 3 second damage over time affect, which deals 30 damage per second. Maximum of 2 damage over time affects per target.

Note: Much like Boba Fett, Jango can't zoom in, his left trigger instead controls his Jetpack. Melee attack uses Jango's wrist blades in place of Boba's flamethrower melee.


Whipcord Thrower- Jango fires a whipcord at the closest enemy inside of a 10m, 45 degree cone, which ties them up and pulls them closer to Jango, leaving them stunned for 1 second after they have been pulled closer. 20 second cooldown

Mandalorian Training- Jango calls upon his Mandalorian combat training, which boosts melee damage by 40%, allows him to run 20% faster, reduces heat build up on his WESTAR-34 pistols by 20%, and reduces his health regen delay by 30%. 12 second duration, 20 second cooldown.

Flamethrower- Jango switches to his wrist-mounted flamethrower for 20 seconds, using the flamethrower reduces active time faster. 20 second cooldown

Star Cards
-Increases the area of the the Whipcord thrower's cone by 10/20/30/40%
-The whipcord thrower stuns enemies for 1.2/1.4/1.6/1.8 seconds.
-Mandalorian training reduces health regen delay by 35/40/45/50% while active.
-Mandalorian training reduces heat build-up of the WESTAR-34 pistols by 25/30/35/40%
-Jango uses 20/25/30/35% less active time while firing his flamethrower.
-Jango gains 7/14/21/28% damage reduction while using flamethrower.
-Jango's maximum health regen is increased by 25/50/75/100
-Jango uses 5/10/15/20% less jetpack fuel while flying
-Jango gains 20 health for each defeated trooper and 20/40/60/80 health for each defeated hero.

Standard Outfit

Optional Outfit
No Helmet

“I'm just a simple man trying to make my way in the universe”
“Always a pleasure to meet a Jedi”
“There can be no mistakes this time”
“Well we won't be seeing him again”


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