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Anyone have any tips as heroes in Starfighter Assault?

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Since new pogression I am trying to level up some hero ships, mostly Iden and Yoda, but whenever I become them, 80% of the time half the enemy team is just chasing me down. Does anyone have tips on what to do when this happens besides spinnig around like a drunk man? Because this helps but once you try and get a couple of shots off you either peel off before you get a kill and get half health or finish them off and die. Any tips will be appreciated.
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  • F03hammer
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    Use a controller if you play on PC
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  • Yeah - stay away from enemies and hubt down objective bots. You need to know where they spawn...

    Playing Hero ships mostly sucks.

    I would prefer to play normal fighters, as nobody cares about you and your streaks.

    But being a hero, everybody will be on your tail.
  • Slave 1 is a giant freaking bullseye. Come in fast and hard, leave the same.

    Strafing runs at best with it - and think about leaving the scene fast while defecating those seismics.
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  • Don't expect to live too long. Although possible, it's unlikely. Figure that every human enemy you take down respawns with you with orange highlight for revenge. Take down 5 and you're likely to have at least 3 of them chasing you for revenge and the bonus points. If you blast them a couple times, a lot give up and try to avoid you, but you are guaranteed to get at least one that will dog you.

    Your best bet for longevity is to hit and move, don't get bogged down in a turning fight. Know how and where to disengage and restore health. Like Yoda, a lot use his ion charge offensively. Not so good. Use it defensively. Zap and afterburner to safety. Maneuver around obstacles to peel off attackers, but only if you're good enough or you're likely the one to go down. Sometimes you can disappear under capital ships or whatever to regroup. Out of sight, out of mind, mostly, but you're still an orange highlight.

    And then just realize some heros aren't as good as regular star fighters (Iden and Tallie).
  • Yoda is great for hit and run.
    The ion blast will get you out of trouble real quick. It is nimble and very fast so you want to keep moving. It is also hard to pick out as it is so small. Get in, do damage, and get out.

    Iden's Tie is pretty weak. It doesn't stand out too much unless you use the Inferno Leader, where you will be a glowing beacon for all to see.

    Best advice for hero ships is definitely to stay away from the enemy spawn area.

    Slave I has a nice combination of tools to help. If you pick up a determined player, you are kind of toast. Really understand the timing for the seismic charge. It will save you more than you know.

    Good luck out there...
  • One other tip, if you have to travel large distances before you get in weapons range fo objectives, I'd suggest avoiding the Falcon or Slave 1. The enemy will see you coming and you will often be dead before you fire one laser bolt at the objective. I findd Slave 1 is best used as a ship to defend an objective, as is Rey's Falcon. Han's Falcon packs loads of firepower, so ifd yuou take it, and have to fly long distances, get a buddy to fly with you as cover.

    Otherwise, generally, hit and run tactics are best.
  • wwkingms
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    depends on the map, but plain and simple if u dont have cover/debri you're dead...

    if someone gets on your tail slowly and with cover make your way toward teammates/your spawn

    otherwise i had a habit of flying at slower speeds to make maneuvering and aiming easier.... this will get ya shot up quick too
  • Seronax
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    I am one of those players who can gather enough point in less than 1-2min to get a heroship, right after that when u get it dont jump into the middle of the battle!

    Hero ships - if u wanna play with them longer - u need to play like Hide&Seek.

    Seronax Rules:
    1. Never fly open areas. Instead fly close to objects and cover yourself!
    2. If u get a few ships chasing u, fly to your own spawn point, sometimes ppl will help u out.

    If u are playing with ships u arent really good, i advise u to play them on the defender side so u have more chance to surive cause the enemy team has to work on the objectives.

    With small ships are really important to max out turn rate and speed to dominate in dogfight.
    Example: When i play with Poe or Kylo on Unknown Region when i got hit i start to manouver as hell and use afterburner to reach the lower part of the stardestroyer. Usually only a few of the attackers will follow me until there, and if they did they are 100% dead cause of my improved turnrate+ there are many AI guns there, so it can help u out!

    Every map has some good spot to go to cover yourself.

    Dqar - Active shield barriers are perfect defense! If u fly in and out or going in circle in and out within the shield area u can absorb the attackers dmg cause of the shield.

    Unknown Region - Bottom of the Stardestroyer, or the front part of the ship in phase 1, avarage ppl cant fly in there without dying :D

    there are a lot more but for today thats it!

  • GenxDarchi
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    Don't die. Also, play the objectives hard.
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  • Darth_Nefarious
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    Really, I've found the best thing you can do is not get hung up on a single target. If you don't take someone out on the first pass, just move on to whoever occupies your view next, hopefully team mates will sweep up any chasers. No guarantees it keeps you alive, but if you get into a melee with someone who has a team mate they can call on, you probably won't last long.

  • hsf_
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    It all depends on what kind of playstyle you are looking for really. Some of the heroes you can literally fight on the front line with, if you're a good pilot. Others require more intelligence and patience in order to sustain a killstreak, the last bracket for the heroes is the ones that really do require good team mates or a pre-made group of players in order to be successful with in most cases.
    The two Falcons and Slave 1 are definitely part of the latter heroes, as you'll find with Slave 1 as soon as you've detonated your Seizmic charge, you'll be swarmed. The Falcons will naturally get swarmed anyway, as they have no real form of defense.
    Kylo Ren, Poe Dameron, Iden Versio, Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker can all be played on the front lines, either due to their excellent manouverability, or because of their camouflage we'll call it(they look like standard fighters). You could also argue a case for Tallie and Yoda but given their health pool I wouldn't risk it.
    Yoda, Maul and Tallie are the ones who need patience and or a different style of play completely. Maul is an absolute monster against hero ships and objectives, where as Tallie and Yoda are both excellent support units. You could also put Iden and Poe into the support bracket too given their abilities, but they in my opinion are best getting their hands dirty.
  • It can depend on luck. If you have some teammate who takes chasers down it helps a lot. Try coordinating that with a friend/party if possible.

    Some things I do (not necessarily to stay alive):

    - The Falcon is awesome to shoot objectives. Han's special modifications melts them.
    - Rey's repair card. Can't remember the name. Activate it when you're close to being taken down. It's basically an extra life if you have it purpled.
    - Use Maul's cloak whenever you start being targeted. Try getting away, deactivate cloaking when it's safe and wait until it goes off cooldown. Get back to action and repeat.
    - Maul's overheat seems annoying, but the main gun is very strong once you get the hang of it. Fire it on very brief bursts.
    - When not chasing a target down, fly by cover if possible. Around asteroids, through wholes inside debris, those stuff. Might give you the extra seconds for auto-repair to kick in.
  • Try spinning. That's a good trick.
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  • I usually go with Maul and Yoda, but sometimes pick other ships depending on the era so I can blend in with normal fighters to lay down damage onto objectives, like Iden's TIE or Poe/Luke's X-wing. Unless you're killed by it, get right up on them, or take a few shots and notice they lost very little health, they're impossible to tell beyond those specific encounters. People tend to go for the obvious heroes 1st, so blending in gives you a huge advantage when it comes to pouring on heavy damage on objectives while they brush you off as just another dinky fighter that's not important.
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    Thanks for all the tips, I will for sure try getting closer to my team's spawn, that'd should help at least
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