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Boba Fett needs to be better



  • Jello770 wrote: »
    Jello770 wrote: »
    Boba is very vulnerable against Finn or Leia. His shots have too much spread and he can't aim down sights to lead his target properly. Devs need to add zooming and tighter spread for the already too flaky Boba.

    i killed a boba with 2 or 3 shots of leias homing shot.

    if they get rid of concussion missile, they could turn it into a flamethrower, and make the melee a zoom like in bf15
    They should do this, as his concussion missile is garbage, and then he’d have a nice counter against saber users while blocking

    If they don't want to do that, just turn it into a guided missile that has to take time to lock on and make it do 100-200 damage.
    They should just make you lead hero designer for swbf2 @Devastator21823 :D

    If he was, I would make him rework Specialist to be a true glass cannon. After Boba of course!
    You guys are gonna make me rich......
    Xbox G-tag
    That Specialist rework was disappointing.

  • Devs like Disney or by the hand of Disney are out to get Luke, Yoda, Boba and other OT heroes. Their ways have been revealed to me fully.
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