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HvV Balancing

There have many nerfs/buffs to nearly all heros and villains since launch.

This is simply an observation, I am not calling for any nerfs of buffs whatsoever. BUT I have read posts on these forums for every single hero and villain. Some of these are laughable , some are thoughtful and concise.

But based on my experiences , my play level being the control in the experiment. That every single character can be deadly in the right hands and every single character can be poor in the wrong hands. HOWEVER some characters are flat out just easier to play. For instance, Iden can OWN when played correctly , but 8 out of 10 times she's being played shes an easy kill. But Vader on the other hand ... always a beast. Luke , higher skill curve , Rey a little less skill curve.

Thoughts ?


  • KresusFIN
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    HvV becomes a more interesting, different game entirely when you take into account ideal comp, hero synergy, and counterpicks.

    Iden, Kylo, Vader, *Random 2nd Blaster. Phasma if defensive playstyle. Boba if more aggressive playstyle.* seems to be the way to go for Villains.

    For heroes, it's been 2 sabers, Chewie, Lando for the longest time now. Though I actually feel Yoda contributes more than Rey, with Presence being a godsend for the blasters.

    Though by all means, personal skill plays a role. If you're a god with Leia, go with her, rather than say, Chewie, who has entirely different mechanics. You might be better off.
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    The fact is that if you're running it's because you suck, and the game shouldn't pander to players who suck.


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  • TMF
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    Like you said, it really does all come down to whose hands the hero or villain is in. However, to add to that, a certain situation can determine the outcome of how well a character can perform due to the different maps and playstyles needed for the map.

    Say, you are playing on a map like Hoth. You wouldn't choose boba on that map as it is mainly an indoor/tunnel map and this same idea would be the same as if your team is always playing inside. Boba would never be good in an inside situation

    Now think you are a character that can push people or get them off an edge (Luke, Rey, Yoda, Maul) you will be more prone to choose them on maps like Naboo, Bespin, Kamino, and Kashyyyk. Not saying you don't already play one of the characters listed above but still you would be inclined to choose them as even an unskilled player could push someone of a map. (or mind trick them to walk off the edge in Rey's case) On these maps, it takes nothing more than a push of one button to send a player falling to their demise. People will tend to take shortcuts to getting kills.

    But yeah, It comes down to like you said the hands they are in but also the certain situation they are in as well.

    If I missed something let me know. Also any thoughts about this?
  • Yup I agree and good comments.
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