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  • Skins locked to classes? Yikes.

    I think it's fine, but I also think it's too much having buy the same alien skin twice for different ERAS of THE SAME class tho
  • Wow, y'all so negative. We're finally getting communication and yall are disappointed. Lmao.

    I was really disapointed with how this game was meant to work, but I must say that even with the bugs and hate I've had A LOT of fun since day one. And I appreciate the way things are heading now. We have this awesome looking star wars game with content being released every month. I can't wait to see Grievous or some droidekas, maybe even some new maps (which are all incredible btw, definetively take a lot of work), but I'm not super angry with the game as it is. I think there's still room to grow, as there will always be (after all, it is a STAR WARS game), but as long as they don't go stupid on us like they did in the beggining, I'll be happy. It is a great game.
  • mandalorj wrote: »
    I'm right there with you, from a strictly business standpoint, if I were being completely honest I would delay that stuff as long as possible to stretch out the life of the game or maybe even not include it all together so I could have the option of saving it as a big selling point for a BF3-
    What are you doing? Don’t give them any bad ideas. We’ve waited an eternity already as it is... :o
    “There is always hope.”
  • mandalorj
    158 posts Member
    If there's one thing they have in abundance, it's bad ideas. I promise this was floated out there at some point but the game is headed in the right direction even though it's going to be a long road. Star fighter and full map arcade mode with vehicle use are coming, as are the clone appearance options. When we get that stuff they won't tell until the week before it drops so for the folks looking for a road map, snow balls chance in hell we ever get that so don't waste your breath.
  • drip
    1 posts Member
    Thanks for the update, but I can’t fins the Ewok battle in the multiplayer menu, neither on the home screen. How can we access it?
  • drip wrote: »
    Thanks for the update, but I can’t fins the Ewok battle in the multiplayer menu, neither on the home screen. How can we access it?

    It's a limited event run that was running from Thursdays - Sundays for the past three weeks but it may be permanent starting from 16/05.
  • _ViRuS
    2 posts Member
    Anything on the lag situation or the empty servers or maybe even the fact that it says we are connected to south african servers when we are not? Anything... PS (Im in South Africa and Australians have been having this problem aswell)
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