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Costum skin cost?Why no info?

Why can't they give us any idea at all what these skins will cost?Even giving us at least a lowest to highest range.I know this may be one of the few money making options ea has but not telling us anything make me think the cost will be so high ea want to delay the fan outrage untill the last moment,we know they need people to spend real money,fine but theres no reason to delay telling us the different skins cost.heck to get the skins i might want i'll spend some real cash if i don't have enough credits or crystals.


  • So we don't have to spend the next week listening to everyone complain about the costs. That can start on the 18th.
  • People here complain about everything so whats the difference?
  • ShinoBaz wrote: »
    People here complain about everything so whats the difference?

    One less week of it.
  • Paladin54 wrote: »
    ShinoBaz wrote: »
    People here complain about everything so whats the difference?

    One less week of it.

    Well that’s helpful, care to say more?
  • "Almost there"***"almost there"
  • I hope they are decent prices. I got about 200k credits, if I buy what they have and spend most my money. Takes achieving self goals will make the game less appealing. Thank god Sommerville coming out on Elder Scroll. That game itself keeps me happy forever. one year not getting bored
    Two players on different teams....
    1 credit for join a game that ends.

  • Perhaps to subvert our expectations?
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  • I think it's just DICE habit at this point to be vague and cryptic about everything. You'd think they'd want to test the waters with things just to get fan reaction, to avoid any further controversies and embarrassments, but apparently that's just not an approach they can get behind when it comes to, well, anything, really.
  • TODAYS THE DAY!!!Finally after 4 month something to buy(with credits,crystals or ea favorate $$$)...
  • anstee
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    Epic 40000 Credits/ 1000 Crystals (eg. Endor Han)
    Rare 20000 Credits/ 500 Crystals (eg. Hooded Yoda)
    Common 5000 Credits/ 150 Crystals ( eg. Wounded Chewbacca)
  • The skin prices are waaaay better then i feared they be.So thanks EA i'm happy to spend some real money if i need to now,Because you changed for the better and that means alot.You treat your players well and they will buy stuff more offen,Thx...
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