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Ewoks vs Specialist

Don’t get me wrong, the Specialist is crap, but I love playing as a Specialist, I occasionally like the challenge of getting 25 kills (The old combat master threshold) in a game of Strike.

However, the crappy star cards, low health and poor power and heat on the a280-CFE make me cry for the Beta version...It was magnificent, the class to be. Infiltration was even good.

My question is, will some fuzz ball be taking me out with a one shot kill, with a slightly pointy stone from across the map? I mean, I have to ask, because the Specialist is that one mate you have that is notoriously weak and complains that you will bruise him if you pat him on the back too hard.

You know the sort of fellow, he won’t give you a throat lozenge, because they are medicine not sweets. It’s not the Specialists fault mind you, they have to be careful, because anything could kill them like Wookiee farts, dust, green leaves, an angry microbe or my nan with half a chop stick and some window cleaner.

So, will the walking teddy bears become another thing my besieged friend will be outsnipered by?


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