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Star Wars Battlefront II - Latencies on game servers 2

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Back in November there was a topic started by the Mods on this subject and it had 2 posts one from the OP and one from Sledghammer. Basically they acknowledged there was an issue and would investigate and report back.

No news was passed on other than we will keep you informed, it was then closed without any update.

I have started the topic again with the same title (2), as we are suffering on all platforms with massive LAG, and unplayable games.

EA / whoever please look at this issue and sort it out, It is no good bringing out patches that cause further issues, or bringing out new content we cant play.

Priority in ignoring requests for content, skins, and other trivial stuff should be done and concentrate on actually fixing this issue be the main one, so we can play.

There appears to be numerous posts throughout the forum on the subject, yet no replies from the developers or moderators, seems to be a lack of any worthwhile input from any official connected to this game.

Community manager Ben please respond with an official statement on what is being done to correct this issue, ignoring all the posts is getting beyond a joke.

When this game came out the quote was change will be constant, i understood this to mean for the better, and be one of the companies intention to expand on a game continuously thus keeping the game going for years to come, encouraging newer players as we progress.

Shame that isn't the case.
Shame on you for not sorting this.
Shame on you for treating the community poorly.
Shame on you for not respecting us as customers.
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