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Skin suggestions for the Empire & First Order

I understand the Empire and First Order seems to have less options with what skins are included as they can be a bit more limited compared to the Rebels, Resistance, and clones. There are ideas I have in mind for the Empire and First Order they can implement. Also some of these skins were from the last game. Note that you should have the option to change genders for all classes on the Empire & First Order. I wanna play as a male Specialist for the Empire and male Officer & Heavy for the First Order.

Galactic Empire:
-Assault: Stormtroopers with multiple pauldron colors
-Heavy: Shock Trooper
-Officer: Death Star Trooper
-Specialist: Male scouts

First Order:
-Assault: Stormtroopers with multiple pauldron colors
-Officer: Male officers! (Right now there are only female officers and in the films there are clearly male officers)
-Specialist: Male snipers

I may have missed some skins they can implement, but I hope we can get more variety with the Empire & First Order with stormtrooper appearance and gender swap.
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