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I think is time to get a companion app

Who agrees?


  • Cad_Bane
    6252 posts Member
    Yes! I would love a companion app. Battlefront 1’s base command was so much fun for the original companion app. It would be nice if they could just update the current companion and optimize it for BF2. I don’t even care if I earn credits from base command, just give us more levels.

    Any chance you have any information you could share about a companion app? Or any chance of adding BF2 themed base command levels?
  • Skowsa
    316 posts Member
    I wouldn’t say no.

    I enjoyed exploring my stats while I wasn’t attached to the console. Tracking what achievements I still needed in between games. Earning credits to unlock skins would be nice too.
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    They said they will look into it, but don't get your hopes up
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  • Jello770
    5592 posts Member
    JAREDUP wrote: »
    They said they will look into it, but don't get your hopes up

    Rebellions are built on hope
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